Cozz Coffee X UG Deck+ coffee Bundle

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Please Be aware that you must select the proper variant for example if you'd just like the skateboard select just the board, if you'd like the board+ coffee select that etc. Please add in the notes which size deck you'd like and if you're ordering coffee which grind setting you need for. 


In my normal life I am a skateboarder. Skating has carved the path for me to pursue art, music, and essentially all creative endeavors in my life. It has always been a dream of mine to create the artwork for a deck so I am stoked to be able to announce this collaboration with Underground Skateshop! This board is supposed to be a symbolization of what it's like to be a street skateboarder in your late 20's and onward!

The Fish and Chips coffee blend is a homage to Underground's name/logo deriving from their origin ENGLAND. Fish and chips blend tastes like Tartarsauce, fried fish, and salt!