Devil’s Brew 12 OZ.

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You Don't Know Jersey has combined forces with Cozz Coffee to create the Devil's Brew coffee blend in support of the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.  50% of all profits from the sale of this limited edition blend will be donated to CFB-NJ who partners with over 1,000 NJ food pantries, soup kitchens, mobile pantries, and child and senior feeding programs.

This three bean blend was created to balance and highlight the unique flavors of our favorite Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee. In your face high end green tea flavor notes are balanced with the rich caramel flavors of a Central American medium roast. Light bodied and bright with a well rounded finish.

Yirgacheffe is well known because it was the first region of Ethiopian to offer washed coffees which help define coffee flavor. Washed Yirgacheffe coffees are sweet and have pronounced fruity floral notes, but also a pronounced acidity. Ethiopia is also thought to be the country of origin for coffee so we are honoring the origin of our favorite beverage with this blend.

Simply delicious and for a cause that we can all get behind. 
Drink fantastic coffee and help feed people,
New Jersey! It's devilishly good!

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