The Lite n Sweet Burger

Posted by john cozzarelli on

As much as I love all things coffee, it will never come close to my love for food that being said I love finding ways to sneak coffee into my cooking sometimes I do it ever so slightly sometimes coffee is the star of the show. I had this idea for making a burger where every element had some incorporation of coffee so the Lite and Sweet Burger was born!


This is the break down of the burger

Bun- Glazed donut, a timeless companion to a morning cup of coffee

Patty- the patty was a mix of various spices but the two main ingredients were brown sugar and espresso ground coffee

Cheese- this was an espresso crusted Bellavitano cheese

Caramelized onions- with cayenne and heavy cream 

special sauce- was a mix of the ol faithful mustard and mayo with bacon bits and cold brew!