Growing up in an Italian American household, the one principal that stood out more than any other was the importance of doing something yourself. From curing capicola and fermenting wine, to around the house construction projects, there was always a stressed importance on the idea of doing something yourself.
As a child I became obsessed with the culture of skateboarding and punk music. The idea behind both of those is based around individualism and acceptance. In skateboarding there are no coaches pushing the skater. Punk culture is all about not wanting to conform to the societal standards people are told to follow.
One morning while drinking a cup of home roasted coffee the idea occurred that there was a way to combine the individuality of skateboarding with the non conformist attitude of punk ideology. The answer, right under my nose; COFFEE! With over 20 years of experience in home roasting accompanied by 8 years in the industry I realized that all the things I've grown to admire can live under one roof.  Skateboarding, punk, art, individualism, community, can and should all exist within the world of roasting coffee. A seed had been planted. The tree that is Cozz Coffee began to grow its roots. 
At the end of the day Cozz Coffee is more than quality coffee. It is an idea that you should be the person you want to be and do the things you want to do. Try your hardest and most importantly stay true to yourself.