Brazil Cerrado 12 oz.

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  •  Region- Obura-Wonenara

  • Flavor notes-, chocolate, maple syrup, hazelnut

  • Varietal- Typica

  • Elevation- 1,600-2,200

  • Process-Washed

  • Artwork- John Cozz

As the biggest coffee-producing country in the world, Brazil has had a long history of success in optimizing best practices in the industry. While Cerrado is a relatively newer region to join the ranks of Brazil’s success, it’s pillars of well-defined seasons, abundant sunlight, advanced farming, and entrepreneurial spirit forged a foundation for coffee to thrive.

 Cerrado is located northwest of Minas Gerais state and is one of the most biodiverse and complex regions that is home to roughly 5% of all species on Earth. The topography is relatively flat to slightly wavy, with altitudes varying from 900 to 1250masl. Across 55 municipalities, medium-to-large-sized farms dot the area and can span anywhere between a few hundred acres to massive estates.

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