12 Pack Single Brew Coffee Pods

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12 Pack 

Medium Roast coffee in 100% recyclable single-serve Keurig Compatible Pods.

K-cups and other single-serve coffee pods are estimated to be found in about 25% of American Households. Love em or hate em it is no secret that they have become one of the most convenient methods of brewing coffee. It's efficient, precise, and leaves little room for user error.

However, pods are most infamously known for their effect on the environment. Traditional K-cups are near impossible to recycle, they're made up of a number of different materials, all of which need to be separated and sorted before being able to be recycled. Then after sorting materials the consumer must rinse off any coffee grinds left before putting them into recycling. In short, it takes less time to brew a cup than it would to recycle it. Despite that 25% of Americans are using them daily.

It often feels like single-serve pods are the elephant in the room. Shinning light on the harm of them is a great first step but seldom is there an alternative plan or even acknowledgment that despite awareness so many people still use them.

I've thought long and hard about this and ultimately landed on thinking that it is better to offer people a better alternative than write them off completely as they continue to use traditional k-cups. 

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