Colombia Narino 12 oz.

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  • Region- Narino
  • Flavor notes- Milk Chocolate, Creamy, Brown sugar
  • Varietal- Bourbon, Caturra, Typica
  • Elevation- 1,600-2,200
  • Process-Washed
  • Artwork- Claudia Cisneros

Colombia produces some of the worlds most outstanding coffee. One of the more acclaimed regions is the Nariño region. Nariño is the first coffee region in Colombia to earn recognition as as a regional denomination of origin. Which means that the region is recognized as having qualities only associated to the region through variables such as climate,soil, and farmers. In short the coffee of the growing conditions of Nariño have produced a coffee that is so uniquely itself compared to other parts of Colombia that it had to be defined as such.


Nariño coffees are known for their intense aroma, high acidity and sweetness. This roast profile is for the everyday coffee drinker, someone who enjoys the classic flavors notes that come to mind when experiencing a great cup of coffee. No bells, no whistles, just a a clean cup.

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