Holiday Custom Blend

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looking for the perfect gift for that coffee loving special someone in your life? Want to give them something they can really call their own? Look no further than this Custom holiday Blend! Once ordered any additional information will be sent via email! Question are at the bottom!

What you will get!

- blend of coffee tailored to your specifications, like something bright and citrusy we got you! Maybe you want something smoky, dark and bold? We’ll do that too! It’s what YOU want! 

-a custom illustration of who this gift is for! If it’s a gift for yourself that’s cool, self love is important!

- 12 oz bag(s) of your blend with a label of the illustration, and custom flavor notes to make you chuckle. 


Important Info on Purchasing 

If you purchase multiple bags you will be charged the initial 55 dollars for the coffee and illustration, then every additional bag will be the cost of Beans. So if you purchase 5 bags it will be 55 + 13X4 = 107 total. Take that high school math class!

For An Additional Fee add a Custom Mug!


  1.  Light, Medium, or Dark Roast?
  2. Preferred flavor notes?  For example something citrusy, chocolatey, fruity, Or smoky?
  3. What are three things this special person loves?
  4. Do you have a name you would like us to use for the blend?
  5. please send a few pictures to be referenced for this project!