Drunk Paisan Blend 12 Oz

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Artist: Cyril Kuhns

Flavor Profile: Smoky, Chocolate, Mulled Cider

Region: Colombia

Wine infused coffee! Yes you read that right this is a wine infused coffee. To answer your question, no it won't get you drunk There is no alcohol in this. This coffee is as unique of an experience as it is one built on generations of tradition.

Growing up I got to witness both my grandfather and father making wines with their friends. The beauty of doing something from scratch seemed so enticing. The energy behind it is what inspired me to start roasting coffee. Somehow someway I knew I wanted to incorporate coffee and wine, after months of planning I'm exciting to bring you this coffee.

This coffee was stored in a French oak wine barrel that was soaked in Cozzarelli Pinot Noir and then roasted to a darker profile. The end result is something smokey and chocolatey with a kiss of wine. A perfect Dessert coffee reminiscent of mulled cider. 

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